Recycled Inner Tubes of Bicycles

RF: RPCYC1-4004

The humble inner tube has been given a second life following its enduring service in the world’s most popular transportation mode, the bicycle. Men and women collect from their local bicycle repair shops the worn tubes, which would otherwise end up in land fill or slum neighbourhoods. These tubes are slit and handcrafted into a woven structure. No chemicals nor any finishing products are used in the manufacturing process. This is a truly honest and eco-responsible recycled product. Can you spot the tube size markings of the previous owner? They’re still telling their story. This sturdy rug is also suitable for under cover outdoor use.

⦁ Composition: Recycled Bike Tubes & Polypropylene
⦁ Weight: 1,8 kg/m²
⦁ Sizes: 200 x 290cm

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200 x 290 cm R5308

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